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I'd be a bit frightened to see a giant Dic out me window in the middle of the night.

lol you should have had me do the voices, you have no idea

BillyRedSnake responds:

Oh yeah? You wishin' you had a starring role in this Family Guy shitpoast that I made in about an hour?

Alright, I'll keep ya in mind for the future!

I love quality shitpoasts like this, so... Automatic 5 star

Bonecage responds:

Ha, thanks man. Just trying to get better at this and also vent my stupid brain.

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It's an okay game, really much like something you could play on your smartphone. My biggest complaint is that the chopper may be too big. Some parts just seem impossible, such as big drops or vise versa. I couldn't get past 4, but maybe I'm just bad at games like this.
Also, some background art and more color overall could have given this game more polish and appeal. Still not, bad, though.

Holy shit, this game is hard.

But hell, I like it, and having my chiptune in there gives it a realistic retro feel. Aside from clicking the mouse, anyway.

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Wow. It's nice to know that you secretly want to have sex with all of the general forum regulars.

RefurbishedZeiwolf hit the nail on the head.
What happened to you? Your songs were dark & relatable because of your Panda Eyes (a sign of physical abuse). You have strayed so far from your roots, I can't even recognize you anymore. This is on par with corporate garbage, and I really hate to say that to anyone here. Remember where you came from, remember why you started making music in the first place. This is not you. This is what they call "selling out."

Way too much compression, even if you're not emulating a console. You don't wanna squish it so much that the snippets of one lead by itself doubles volume (as it does here).
Good writing and effects, though. Sound design is on point. Kick drum is punchy and satisfying. Pitch bends are pretty cool for the transitions.

Not bad at all.

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Not perfect on the fire streaks, they need a bit of illumination effect. Other than that, this is absolutely fantastic!

You must have rolled in from another site to be this good and not scouted yet.
I mean, everything about this screams experience, from the shading being on point to the lighting/reflection being consistently in the same relative position where it's used. That and those things are only used where it makes sense, but not missing anywhere either.
Cute character, by the way.

PlatinumThorns responds:

Agreed, but I'm not an artist. I'm only using this site as a repository for my OC's. NuclearWasabi drew this piece, though (link in the description).

This is wrong on so many levels, and I definitely got a chuckle out of it.
Congrats on being frontpaged!

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